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Maintenance Programs

Maintenance Programs

Garden Maintenance and Garden Restoration are the heart of Denault Designs. 


Both Garden Maintenance and Garden Restoration processes begin with an initial meeting to determine the level of care your garden needs. After the initial meeting, a maintenance schedule will be set in place for your garden: weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. A one-time seasonal cleanup or garden restoration may also be planned.  


Garden Maintenance begins each season with an initial clean up and prep. After the initial clean up, regular garden visits will include:

  • Hand Weeding

  • Light Pruning

  • Container Care and Fertilization

  • Plant Health Monitoring 

  • Division/Relocation

  • Staking

  • Planting 

  • Advising for Future Improvements

At the end of the season the garden is cleaned, annuals are pulled, perennials are cut back, and delicate plants protected. 

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