Where do you work?

We service Wichita, KS and surrounding areas: Benton, Andover, Derby, Park City, and Bel Aire. If you live outside of these areas, but are interested in our services, please contact us to see if we can accommodate you.

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How much does it cost

The price of services are dependent on the services that are needed. Simple garden maintenance starts at $50, garden restorations or cleanups often begin around $150, and container prices start at $65 depending on the container and planting materials.


What is the process?

You can contact us by either filling out the contact information or calling us directly. We will contact you by phone to confirm time and place. At the initial visit, we will decide what services best fit your needs. We can then schedule your services.

Herb Plants

Is maintenance once or on-going? 

Both. We offer one-time clean up or planting services, as well as on-going garden maintenance. However, we've found that most of our clients ask us to return on a regular basis to continue their landscaping looking great throughout the year. 

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